Uplifting and Inspiring Our Communities

What We Do

ACE Partners mission is to empower youth and communities to create their own stories of success. We aim to partner with youth and communities through providing a space for them where they will utilize their voice in becoming their own change agent. We partner with youth who have been exposed to gangs through connecting them with mentors. Through these relationships, the youth and the community will have a new hope to change their current situation and create something better for themselves.


The mentoring relationship is mutually beneficial for both parties involved.  It connects the youth and mentor and creates a space to share, learn and grow together by building trust, showing compassion and embracing the uniqueness of one another.  Mentors partner with youth who will become their own leaders in formulating and achieving their life goals and dreams.

Walk and Knocks

ACE Partners collaborate with our local law enforcement and community providers and canvas high needs neighborhoods affected by local antisocial groups, gang and community violence.  We WALK and KNOCK as we talk and listen to residents about their struggles and needs.  This is also an opportunity for residents to learn about the resources that are out there for them.  We welcome all community partners to join us if you feel that your services would benefit a community.

Community Talks

Throughout the year, we host community meetings in high needs neighborhoods where residents can voice their concerns, challenges and needs. Residents will learn the resources, strategies and tools that will facilitate community identity, unity and resiliency. The meetings serve as a platform to ensure the concerns of the neighbors reach the appropriate agencies that can assist in facilitating that change.

Alliance for Community Empowerment

Funded by the County of San Diego

County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency | Live Well San Diego

Program Manager

Dante Dauz

Dante Dauz, BS, JD

Dante Dauz was born and raised in San Diego and has developed and implemented numerous community engagement and empowerment programs with the Union of Pan Asian Communities.  Current projects include development of a diverse community center that focuses on embracing diversity, family strength, building neighborhood esteem, and business enterprise development called the UPAC Neighborhood Enterprise Center. Dante has been a well-respected community advocate for over 20 years and maintains a reputation of being on the front-line of serious matters that impact the community. He also has a distinguished professional background in law enforcement, social services, and business ownership that has led to several acclaimed awards including Probation Officer of the Year and member of the Obama Volunteer Team award. Collectively, he has supported over 3,000 youth and families through social services and has successfully supported numerous youth and families overcome the most difficult barriers by utilizing a variety of traditional, non-traditional, and innovative approaches. As a former business owner, Dante has employed over 80 individuals that were in need of opportunities that other businesses were generally reluctant to offer.  He received his Bachelor’s Degree from San Diego State University in Criminal Justice and his Juris Doctorate from Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

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