You Are Worth Recovery

What We Do

ATR is an Outpatient non-residential Substance Abuse Disorder treatment program specifically focused on Asian and Pacific Islander (API) adults 18+ ,Transitional Age Youth, refugees, immigrants and other underserved populations who reside in San Diego County.

Our  program provides innovative and effective substance abuse treatment and recovery services to empower the individual to reach their full potential, improve their quality of life, strengthen their families and benefit the communities we live in.

ATR takes a client centered approach in which clients can receive group counseling, individual counseling, and or therapy each week. Clients have access to case managers to assist them with finding housing, income resources, food banks in the community, transportation needs, and other daily living needs.

UPAC’s Street Outreach Services is an additional component of the ATR program. The Homeless outreach workers provide targeted outreach to homeless individuals living in San Diego County. The program strives to build trust with homeless individuals with the goal of linking them to services within the community.

Who We Serve

Our program serves adults 18+ who meet criteria for Substance Abuse Disorder. Clients are eligible for services if they have Medi-Cal, Medi-Medi, or are unfunded.

To learn more about the program and referral process, call us at (619) 521-5720 or visit any of our locations listed below.

Success Story

After several years of struggling with his addiction and serving 10 years on and off in prison, Tobi was ready to give up on his recovery and accept that his addiction was going to define him as a person.  One day while in his prison cell, he decided to hand his life over to God and begin his journey in recovery.  Through his treatment, he learned how his anxiety and depression played a role in his addiction.  While in Outpatient treatment, Tobi learned the skills he needed to help manage his mental health symptoms and remain sober.  Through his sobriety and his recovery, he has been able to mend relationships with his loved ones, build a relationship with his son, and gain a close relationship with his higher power. While in outpatient treatment, Tobi began building relationships with people outside his regular group and sharing his story in hopes he could help just one more person. He enjoys building relationships within his sober community and formed a support group that he would later inspire to take the same journey in recovery as he has. Upon completing his treatment, he entered aftercare and has the goal of obtaining his GED and continuing his education to become an AOD counselor.

Funded by the County of San Diego

County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency | Live Well San Diego

Program Manager

Courtney Boatman

Courtney Boatman, LMFT

Courtney has lived and worked in San Diego for the last 10 years as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  She has worked serving the addiction community as she enjoys working with clients as they work towards recovery and beginning to feel more comfortable in their own skin.  Courtney has always particularly enjoyed working with teens in their struggles as they become adults.  She has worked regularly within residential and outpatient programs on building skills and having tough conversations that they may not have anyone else to talk with! Courtney thrives with the passion her team brings to the teens and enjoys being creative with finding solutions for our clients and their families. 

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